Clear the Way, Instinctive Feng Shui by Jan Reed, CPFS
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My Mission

My work with clients supports them in bringing balance, harmony and peace to their environments. My intuitive and empathic senses allow me to act as a conduit for change. I empower clients, through education, to continue to build on the transformation we initiate together.


Where intention goes, energy flows...

Are you surrounded by clutter?

  • de-clutter and organize
  • a clear mind needs a clear space

Do you want to love your space again?

  • renew and refresh with color and
  • creative space planning

Downsizing and don't know where to start?

  • make every thing really matter
  • love it or lose it...

Feng Shui allows you to bring balance and harmony into your life and your living environment.

By applying the basic principles in your environments you will enhance your everyday life and bring about new results.



In a consultation with a Feng Shui practitioner, a bagua or map is placed over the client's home or business floor plan. There are nine sections in the map corresponding to different aspects of life. These areas are health, family, wealth, fame, career, relationships, helpful people, knowledge and children/creativity. The client and practitioner walk throughout the space discussing what each area represents and what kind of objects or color would enhance that specific area. The areas outside the home or office also affect one's opportunities and quality of life. The primary objective is to ensure a good circulation of chi or life force energy. A home or business in harmony and balance positively affects the inhabitants' health, wealth and general well being.